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Nourishing News | Spring 2024 – A message from our CEO, Meghan Nicholls

By Jenna Cura
May 14, 2024
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What would we do without people like you?

Your generosity and compassion have shone bright these past months, at a time when we’ve needed all the light and hope we can get.

I’m grateful for your support of our 2024 Spring Drive and Give 30 Ramadan Campaign.

Thanks to our match partners, Scotts Canada Ltd. and Habib Canadian Bank, your incredible generosity is making twice the difference at a time when we’re facing twice the need.

With Mental Health Week wrapping up on May 12, I want you to know that your support goes beyond providing food. Tobiasz’s story is proof of the devastating effect hunger has on mental health—and the healing that’s possible when someone gets the food and support they need.

Whether it’s someone like Tobiasz who has lost his home, or a mother worrying how she’ll keep food on her family’s table—think of the relief, security, and hope you’re giving through your generous support.

With the summer months coming, our neighbours will need that support more than ever. As school meal programs close, parents will lose an important source of nutrition for their children.

But I know that together, we can ensure that no child, family, or other neighbour has to spend this summer weighed down by the threat of hunger.

With my heartfelt thanks,

Meghan Nicholls
Chief Executive Officer

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Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!