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Nourishing News | Spring 2024 – Tobiasz’s story

By Jenna Cura
May 14, 2024
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You gave Tobiasz Relief and Hope.

Tobiasz has been through incredible hardship. But thanks to caring people like you, he has somewhere to turn for nourishing meals. And food is just the start of the difference you’re making in his life.

(TW: abuse)

Not long ago, Tobiasz* had a steady job as a tile-layer, and a home of his own. Money was tight, but he got by.

But like so many in these hard and uncertain times, it took just one unexpected crisis for his life to be turned upside down.

He started to suffer from debilitating back pain. He tried to work through it, but it got so bad that he could no longer lean over or lift the equipment. He couldn’t carry on, and lost his job—and soon, his home.

For a time, Tobiasz moved in with family, but he was subjected to both physical and emotional abuse. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he left, even though he had nowhere else to go.

He found himself facing the unthinkable. He was homeless and facing hunger. 

“I cried for two weeks”

Tobiasz felt hopeless and very alone. “I cried for two weeks,” he shares.

But he wasn’t alone for long. After a few weeks, he found his neighbourhood food bank—one of our 68 agency members helping people all across Mississauga.

“The food here is really good,” he shares. “And the team? It’s unbelievable. They’re just there for you, you know?”

It’s your generosity and compassion that gives neighbours like Tobiasz a place to go for relief and support when they need it most.

You’re giving more than food

“My mental health was at, like, one out of ten before I came here. When you’re hungry, you’re angry. And when you’re angry, you make bad decisions. Now, I’m probably at 9 and a half out of ten. They really lifted me up.” Now that he knows where his next meal will come from, Tobiasz has found the energy and stability to move forward— and thanks to you, the neighbourhood food bank team is right there beside him.

“They’re helping in so many ways,” he shares.

“The ladies here are helping me apply for Ontario Works. That’s the first step—and then they’re going to help me find housing.”

“You’re giving people like me hope.”

Tobiasz holds back tears as he expresses his gratitude for the staff, volunteers, and caring people like you. “It’s breathtaking that people are so giving. You’re giving people like me hope—and hope is the most important thing.”


*Name has been changed

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Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!