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Only 5 More Days Until Thanksgiving!

By Jenna Cura
October 5, 2017
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As of today, we still need 142,340 pounds of food and $57,124 to ensure there is enough nutritious food available for all our neighbours.

Thanks to the generous support of neighbours like you, the Thanksgiving Campaign has received 82,660 pounds of food and $67,876 to help ‘Set The Table’. But we still need YOUR help to ensure that no neighbour in Mississauga goes hungry this Thanksgiving.

 That’s why today, we’re asking you to help in one of three ways.

1) Make a Finacial Gift

A donation of just $20 can provide 50 meals for hungry families across Mississauga! Every dollar makes a difference. 

2) Take the #OneBagChallenge

At the beginning of the Thanksgiving campaign, Mayor Crombie issued a challenge to every member of the Mississauga community: fill one grocery bag with healthy, nutritious food and donate it to the food bank.

For the list of locations you can drop your off your #OneBagChallenge Bag:

3) Sign Up to Volunteer this Weekend

Every Thanksgiving weekend our staff and volunteers hand out food drive bags in local grocery stores and ask shoppers to support the Food Bank – either by buying food or making a cash donation.  This year, we’re in 9 different grocery stores and still need over 20 volunteers to help out!

To sign up for your 3-hour shift:

We’re so thankful for your support. Let’s make this Monday a Happy Thanksgiving for all of our hungry neighbours!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!