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How do I get food?

  1. Select your postal code
  2. Contact your closest location
  3. Visit the location to get food support

START HERE: Find your neighbourhood food bank

Find your closest neighbourhood food bank by selecting your postal code below. They provide 7+ days of food and should be your first stop if you need food support.

If you need additional food support after visiting your neighbourhood food bank, please use the map further down.

Ways to get food

Services offered

Neighbourhood Food Banks Icon
Neighbourhood food banks
Providing 7+ days of fresh and shelf-stable food support plus personal care items for each household member each month.
Food Panties icon
Providing 2-3 days of food support for each household member each month.
Food cupboards icon
Providing 2-3 days of food support for each household member each month.
Meal programs icon
Meal programs
Providing 1 cooked meal to each person per visit.
Snack programs icon
Snack programs
Providing 1 packaged or prepared snack to each person per visit.

Find additional food support

If you have already visited your neighbourhood food bank but need more food support, please enter your address below to find additional food support.

"I’m not only getting food but I’m getting the support from the community [and] making new friends."
Emira, Food Bank User


We’re here to help! Check out our FAQ for more information on visiting a food bank.

  • What can I expect from my first visit to a food bank?

    You will walk into a welcoming and inclusive environment, where staff and volunteers treat everyone with respect and dignity. You may be asked for some information, including proof of a Mississauga address and identification for each household member during your first visit. This information helps us to better serve you and our wider food bank community.

  • What kind of food will I receive?

    If you are visiting a neighbourhood food bank, you will receive 7+ days of healthy and appropriate food for each household member at each visit. You’ll receive shelf-stable food and fresh food like fruit and vegetables, dairy, protein, grains and personal care items (depending on availability). For pantries, cupboards and meal and snack programs, the amount of food will vary based on the unique programs and services run by each agency member. Please call ahead for more information.

  • Will I get to choose the kind of food I receive?

    When visiting a food bank, some will offer you a choice of food, while others will offer you pre-packed hampers. However, all locations will try their best to accommodate you. Please call ahead for more information.

  • Will it be embarrassing to come to a food bank?

    Folks from all walks of life may find a time when they need to turn to a food bank, and we are here for you if that time comes. We are here to support our neighbours, and we welcome all who need a helping hand. Each food bank aims to provide a respectful environment where everyone is treated without judgment. Team members will speak to you confidentially should you need privacy to discuss your needs.