Who we are

Food Banks Mississauga staff team in their warehouse.

Day in and day out, our team plays a vital role in ensuring that neighbours have access to healthy and appropriate food.

Together for food security

We are a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, regardless of any aspect of identity. Together with our agency network, Food Banks Mississauga works to provide access to appropriate food and resources for those in need, with a goal to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in all aspects of our work.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
3 smiling team members facing the camera

Meet the team

Donor Care & Database Supervisor
Robert Addis
raddis@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 222
Administration Coordinator
Hazel Amodeo-Thomson
hamodeothomson@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 246
Food Bank Programs Supervisor
Joseph Araujo
jaraujo@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 228
Food Procurement/Donations Specialist
Linda Bruce
lbruce@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 235
Individual Giving Officer
Lindsay Cormack
lcormack@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 841
Community Partnerships Coordinator
Katherine (Katie) Craig
kcraig@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 237
Donor Care Coordinator
Upasana Datta Pal
udattapal@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 850
People and Culture Generalist
Harmeet Dhaliwal
hdhaliwal@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 832
Truck Driver
Steve Dutton
Administration Coordinator
Andjela Eskic
aeskic@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 853
Foundations and Grants Officer
Laura Gatensby
lgatensby@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 3
Donor Engagement Officer
Alizeh Jaffrey Zaidi, MPNL
ajaffreyzaidi@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 223
Director of People and Culture
Candace Jarvis
cjarvis@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 225
Food Bank Programs Team Lead
Helena Krasilowez
hkrasilowez@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 842
Director of Strategic Initiatives, CEO's Office
Christie Lind
clind@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 227
Warehouse Operator
Godard Lobo
Agency Capacity Building Specialist
Victoria Mok
vmok@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 831
Truck Driver
Joseph Moore
People and Culture Coordinator
Meg Musy
mmusy@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 868
Director of Programs & Agency Network
Nicole Norris, RD, MHSc
nnorris@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 238
Truck Driver
Spencer Petrie
Warehouse Supervisor
Elliott Rate
Operations Volunteer Lead
Wendy Ryan
Warehouse Operator
Jaspreet Singh
Warehouse Operator
Prabjot Singh
Truck Driver
Simaranjit Singh
Director of Development
Kimberley Souliere
ksouliere@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 234
Corporate Partnerships Officer
Sukaina Sumar-Ebrahim
ssumarebrahim@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 245
Agency Relations Coordinator
Rini Thomson Fernandes
rthomsonfernandes@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 244
Volunteer Programs Specialist
Erin Tshuma
etshuma@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 855
Director of Marketing & Communications
Joanna Winsor (Burke)
jwinsor@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 103
Marketing & Communications Manager
Daisy Yiu
dyiu@foodbanksmississauga.ca 905-270-5589 ext. 242

Join us as we work towards a Mississauga where everyone is food secure.

Helena Krasilowez
“Since starting this job I’ve had countless impactful conversations with Food Bank 2 Home folks. Every conversation has expanded my perspective, challenged my own ability to navigate difficult conversations, and motivates me to continue learning how I can best advocate for poverty reduction and food justice on a systemic level.”
Helena Krasilowez, Food Bank Programs Team Lead

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