Agency Members

Food Banks Mississauga leads a network of 65+ agency members that provides healthy and appropriate food to neighbours facing food insecurity.

Meet the network

Our hub and spoke distribution model enables us to reach more neighbours in need across Mississauga.

Stronger together

As a valued Food Banks Mississauga agency member, you are part of something larger, a member of a network collectively working together towards a common goal of food security.

Our network

Our agency network includes diverse programs and services, like neighbourhood food banks, pantries, cupboards, and meal and snack programs, to ensure that our neighbours can access nutritious food – no matter where they live in the city.


As a part of our network, we offer resources to support our agency members so they can provide uninterrupted service to neighbours in need. In addition to providing food and personal care items, we also offer funding opportunities to enhance an agency member’s capacity.

“Food Banks Mississauga is our biggest contributor. They’re helpful in every way and are there when we need them. They take the time to coach and help you.”
Lincoln, Founder, Mount Zion Food Bank

Agency Members

Working together for a food-secure Mississauga.
Neighbourhood Food Banks
Providing 7+ days of fresh and shelf-stable food plus personal care items for each household member each month.
Providing 2-3 days of food for each household member each month.
Food cupboards icon
Providing 2-3 days of food for each household member each month.
Meal programs icon
Meal Programs
Providing 1 cooked meal to each person per visit.
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Snack Programs
Providing 1 packaged or prepared snack to each person per visit.

Agency Members

Britannia Glen Co-operative Homes

CMHA Peel Dufferin – Mobile Clinic

Dixie Bloor – Community Care Closet (CCC)

Dixie Bloor – Newcomer Youth Community Engagement (NYCE)

Eden Food For Change – Battleford

Eden Food For Change – Unity

Embrave Agency to End Violence

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