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Nourishing News | Fall 2022 – Akshay’s story

By Jenna Cura
September 26, 2022
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You were there for Akshay so that he could be there for his family.

Like so many of our neighbours, Akshay’s life was turned upside down over the past few turbulent years. Thankfully, you were there for his family when it mattered most.

When they first arrived in Mississauga a few years ago, Akshay and his wife Melina were excited to make it their home. Their community was a place filled with opportunities for themselves and their young daughter, Maya.

Making ends meet was a challenge, but they were getting by. Melina’s job just covered the rent for their subsidized apartment, groceries, and other essentials they needed to care for Maya. And they were working hard to build a stronger future. Akshay returned to school to create new opportunities for himself and his family.

Then, the unthinkable happened. A sudden setback leads to an uncertain future. 

“My wife lost her job. And as a student, I can only work 20 hours a week. That definitely isn’t enough for us, especially when you have a young child.” 

In a matter of weeks, Akshay and Melina went from dreaming about their family’s bright future to worrying about having food on the table for their growing daughter.  

You gave a lifeline at a stressful time. 

Thankfully, Akshay discovered The Mississauga Food Bank when his family needed it most. Akshay was incredibly grateful for the guidance and support he received at his local neighbourhood food bank. 

“This place is really supportive,” he says. “You can come whenever you need help and food for your family.”

Your generosity means that families like Akshay’s don’t have to face impossible choices during sudden, unexpected hardships, like losing a job or managing the soaring costs of living.

For Akshay, having his neighbourhood food bank as a resource means he can continue to focus on his studies, and caring for his daughter, instead of worrying about where his family’s next meal is coming from.

You’re helping build a family’s bright future.

In spite of the challenges his family has faced, Akshay is optimistic about the future. Maya, now three years old, is growing up healthy and strong, in part thanks to the nutritious food your support helped provide.

Akshay is looking forward to paying the community’s love and support forward.

“It’s so important to support others who need help. I would like to come here to volunteer to help the community too.”

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