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Nourishing News | Winter 2023 – Acorn2Oak’s story

By Jenna Cura
February 2, 2023
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You’re helping Acorn2Oak be there for families in Peel Region 

On the front lines of food insecurity in Peel Region, Acorn2Oak is helping more families than ever before keep food on their tables. Your support helps make it possible.  

“Since the start of Covid-19, we’ve seen a 637% increase in the number of clients served at our pantry,”

Keisha Johnson, Acorn2Oak’s Business Development Administrator says. 

Just a few years ago, Acorn2Oak was serving 114 people monthly. That number has now soared to close to 780 people, many who are facing food insecurity for the first time. 

It hasn’t been easy to keep pace with the rising need in the community, but Acorn2Oak’s team has risen to the challenge, with the support of The Mississauga Food Bank, and you. 

“We found hope through The Mississauga Food Bank” 

Acorn2Oak first reached out to The Mississauga Food Bank in 2021, after a Government of Canada grant to address the Covid-19 crisis ended, but the need in the community only continued to rise. 

“We found hope through The Mississauga Food Bank. They have provided us with a steady supply of grocery items to continue to meet the needs of the people we serve,”

Johnson shares. 

The Acorn2Oak team sees the impact of your support each and every day. A senior recently released from hospital who now has the peace of mind of nourishing meals on the table. Families who no longer have to live with the stress and uncertainty of balancing rent, bills, and grocery costs. 

“We are very grateful for our partnership,” Johnson says. “It goes a long way in assisting our clients to meet their food security needs.” 

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!