End Summer Hunger: By Staying Cool!

By Jenna Cura
August 12, 2019
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This year, the summer heat has been unforgiving. That’s why we’ve come up with some “cool” food drive ideas for you to beat the heat and End Summer Hunger!


  • Lemonade Stand – What better way to bring everyone together than with some tasty, refreshing lemonade? This one is a classic. Set up a lemonade stand and tell people their purchase helps to End Summer Hunger in Mississauga. Try mixing it up with new flavours or by also selling some snacks!


  • Ice Cream Social – Everyone loves ice cream, and hosting an ice cream social is a great way to get people together. All you need is ice cream and toppings. Set a date and time and ask people for a donation as the entry ticket. You can even organize some activities and games to play during the social!


  • Water Balloon Fight – Section off an area for the “fight zone,” and get people to sign up for a friendly and competitive water fight! Then, sell water balloons in exchange for donations. Make sure to let your neighbours know well before the day, so they can bring extra clothes. Just a side note: this event works best outdoors. 


  • Movie Night – Let’s face it, evenings are much, much cooler than during the daytime. Host a film screening so your neighbours can enjoy a movie outdoors. Set up a venue and ask for donations at the gate. You can also sell popcorn or snacks! 


Here are some useful links to get you started: 


Have an idea for a cool summer food drive? Share it with us, and we may feature it! This is your chance to #EndSummerHunger.
Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!