ReclaimFRESH: Wasting Less & Feeding More

By Jenna Cura
May 6, 2019
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Your generous support continues to open doors for distributing more healthy food to neighbours who need it most. This month, we’re launching our Food Rescue program—ReclaimFRESH—where we’ll partner with local grocery stores to receive food that they can no longer put on their shelves.

Instead of these stores throwing away what they can’t use, we can freeze, refrigerate, or distribute these groceries on the same day throughout our network of agencies. The best part is that it’s still good food and there are lots of quality fresh fruits and vegetables—the kinds of healthy items our hungry neighbours need most.

Our Food Rescue Program will help prevent edible, healthy food from being thrown away. Not only will more fresh produce be distributed to children, families, and seniors in need, but the program also significantly cuts down on food waste in our community.

What kinds of food will we rescue?

Grocery stores end up with surplus food for many different reasons. Sometimes they have an excess of stock. Other food items don’t meet cosmetic standards. Some grocery items are close to expiration, so they can’t be stocked on store shelves, but are still safe to eat or be frozen for future use.

The food bank will have truck drivers and volunteers visit participating stores 5-7 days a week to pick up surplus food. It will result in enough food to provide 5 million additional meals over the next 4 years.

Your continued generous support helps create innovative solutions to provide more nutritious food to children, families, and seniors struggling with hunger. If you’d like more information
on the Food Rescue program, please visit

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!