Home delivery program

Bringing food to you

Who is eligible for home delivery service?

Mississauga residents may be eligible if you meet the following criteria.
A homebound individual with mobility restrictions
A person with a physical disability or short/long-term illness
+ AND, does not live with a household member who is able to visit a food bank on their behalf.
+ Can provide medical documentation supporting above eligibility criteria
Volunteers select and pack items based on your order form to accommodate your dietary needs and preferences.
Each month, volunteer drivers will make a delivery to your home.

What’s included?

Each monthly delivery will include fresh and shelf-stable food (selections may vary pending availability).
Fruit and vegetables
Fresh produce
Bread, rice, pasta, flour, oats and more
Eggs, lentils, frozen meat and more
Milk, yogurt, cheese and more
Canned beans, meat, fish, soup, fruit and vegetables and more
Personal care & household
Shampoo, deodorant, cleaning products and more

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"After I pay the rent, I'm lucky if I have $150 left for food... Food Banks Mississauga knows I'm diabetic and high potassium and they select food that complements my diet and the food I have to have."
Gerry, Food Bank 2 Home user


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