Advocating for Change

By Joanna Winsor
September 7, 2020
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the face of hunger in mississauga advocacy recommendations 2019-2020

Together we’ve ensured no one goes hungry today, but what about tomorrow?

During an incredibly difficult year, you’ve come together as a community to ensure food is available for our hungry neighbours. Whether a single parent who lost their job, a recent grad, or a homebound senior, different backgrounds and experiences make up the face of hunger in Mississauga.

The root cause of hunger is poverty. The solution to this problem can only be addressed with your support and policy changes at all levels of government.

Universal Basic Income for All

COVID-19 and the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) provided by the federal government has demonstrated the required income for an individual to afford a basic standard of living is $2,000 per month. The federal government should pilot a universal basic income program for all Canadians, so that those struggling to make ends meet would rise out of poverty and able to pursue their potential.

Affordable Housing

The majority of those using a food bank in Mississauga spent over 75% of their monthly income on housing and utilities (64% in 2018), leaving only a few dollars for necessities like transportation, medicine, and food. We stand with Feed Ontario in support of a portable housing benefit and recommend investing in affordable construction and repair, as per the provincial commitments made in the National Housing Strategy bilateral agreement.

Increase Universal Health Benefits

Studies correlate food insecurity as a serious public health problem that negatively impacts physical, mental, and social health, and costs our healthcare system considerably.7 Canada is one of the only countries with public health care yet no universal public system for prescription drugs, vision, mental health, or dental care, forcing low-income families to choose between food and essentials. Increasing health benefits will improve quality of life and decrease food bank visits.

The Mississauga Food Bank has provided healthy food for hungry neighbours since 1986 and we are committed to feeding those living in poverty for as long as we’re needed. Join us in the fight against hunger by reaching out to your local elected officials, and until then, help us provide food and hope to feed our hungry neighbours by donating.

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!