A note from our CEO, Meghan Nicholls

By Joanna Winsor
September 7, 2020
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Meghan Nicholls, CEO TMFB

At the start of this year, I never could have imagined the challenges we would face. COVID-19 took the world by surprise and made us question what life was going to look like in the future. I imagine that this daily fear, worry, and stress must be what life is always like for those in our community who live in poverty and worry about providing food for their families. I cannot imagine the additional burden put on our neighbours during these unprecedented times.

But Mississauga, you continue to demonstrate what a caring community you are. You said you wanted to feed our hungry neighbours, and together, we were able to provide food for almost 28,000 people this year, and distribute 2,700,000 pounds of food. Thanks to you, we scaled up our programs to support the rising number of people needing food through our network of over 40 agencies.

The impacts of the pandemic will be felt for months and years to come. For those who have lost jobs or fallen ill, it is the generosity from our community that will ensure they have access to healthy and adequate food. Thank you to each person and organization who gave a financial or food donation to feed a hungry neighbour in Mississauga. I’m humbled by your giving and so grateful for your partnership.

Thank you for feeding your hungry neighbours.

Meghan Nicholls,
Chief Executive Officer

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