Colin – Spotlight Sunday

By Jenna Cura
July 22, 2018
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Meet Colin, The Mississauga Food Bank’s AquaGrow Farms Supervisor:

I’ve been the AquaGrow Farms Supervisor here at The Mississauga Food Bank for just about 2 years. In addition to maintaining the farm, I spend half my time devoted to warehouse duties such as picking up orders for our member agencies.

I am very fortunate to have found a position that allows me to contribute to the community in a way that greatly interests me. Not only am I able to learn something new every day, but it is extremely rewarding to have a direct hand in fighting hunger in Mississauga. Our team is also very passionate about what they do so the overall result is an environment that can be incredibly fun to work in!

I’m so proud of TMFB’s drive for innovation. From our state of the art warehouse system to our one-of-a-kind aquaponics farm, we always seem to be looking for new ways to improve ourselves and better provide for our community.

The most impactful memories I’ve had since working for The Mississauga Food Bank were the stories shared by family members and friends who required access to food banks in the past. These were stories from some of the closest people in my network, yet I previously would have been unaware that they ever had to struggle to make ends meet. This illustrated to me how widespread, yet hidden, hunger in our community can be.”

Thanks Colin, for all that you do here at TMFB!

To learn more about our AquaGrow Farms, click here:

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!