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Nourishing News | Winter 2022 – Isabella’s Story

By Jenna Cura
May 5, 2022
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For families like Isabella’s, your generosity means much more than a meal on the table. Your support helps connect families like Isabella’s to the care and support they need during their time of greatest need.

Isabella had enough weighing on her mind, trying to care for her family of four while struggling with her mental health. But because she wasn’t well enough
to work, she also had to worry about hunger.

With soaring food and rent costs, Isabella’s benefits simply weren’t enough to make ends meet, only adding to the stress and uncertainty that wore at her, day and night.

But thanks to caring people like you, Isabella finally found the help she urgently needed at her neighbourhood food bank. “They give me all the food I need—eggs, milk, rice. And even treats for
the kids.”

The food hampers were a lifeline for Isabella’s family during a tremendously difficult time. “Every week, I was spending $100 or more on groceries. Because of the food bank, I am now able to put that money towards rent,” Isabella says.

It’s About More Than Food 

The difference you make in families’ lives is about much more than food.

When a neighbour like Isabella is struggling, food banks are often the first line of care, connecting them to the community support they need, whether that’s medical or mental health care, childcare, emergency benefits, and a range
of other services.

“I had a mental health crisis and was put in the hospital,” Isabella remembers. “When I got out, the food bank got me a referral to a psychologist. My doctor had tried for two years, but the food bank was able to connect me right away.”

While Isabella was recovering, the team at the food bank went out of their way to make sure her family was supported. “They always asked if there was anything else we needed. They helped with Christmas surprises for the kids, and many other things, not just food.”  

You’re Part of a Community That Cares  

Without having to worry about hunger, she can focus on getting well and caring for her kids. Isabella is so incredibly grateful that the community has rallied around her in her time of greatest need. 

“What you do is huge. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help someone else. It’s wonderful.”

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