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Nourishing News | Winter 2024 – Susan’s story

By Jenna Cura
January 31, 2024
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Thanks to you, seniors like Susan* don’t have to worry about hunger.

More than ever before, seniors like Susan are living on the edge of hunger. But thanks to caring people like you, they have somewhere to turn for healthy food, support, and peace of mind.

Susan smiles broadly as she carefully packs up her groceries into two cloth bags and nestles them on top of her walker. She holds up her favourite tea and a loaf of bread.

“I remember—of course, this was years ago—you could get a loaf of bread for 17 cents. Now, it’s like, five dollars!”

“I’m 76, and I’m just on pension. By the time you pay your rent and your phone bill, you have nothing—nothing!”

Thankfully, Susan and other seniors can come to the Community Market Pop-Up Food Bank for fresh, healthy food—food that would otherwise be out of reach. And it’s because of your caring support.

“My rent is $1,200. My pension isn’t much more than that,” Susan shares, shaking her head. “What little you’ve got left, you go to the grocery store, and everything is so high-priced, you can’t afford it.”

“It really helps a lot. I’m so thankful you are here.”

She is especially grateful for the fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-quality, nutritious staples, like whole-grain breads and cereals.

For seniors like her, these healthy options are incredibly important for staying healthy. If it weren’t for generous people like you, many of our community’s seniors would go without.

No one should have to spend their retirement years worrying about losing their home or going hungry.

But for seniors like Susan, living on a low income, the soaring cost of living now means a constant struggle to make ends meet.

And just one unexpected expense, whether it’s a hearing aid or a home repair, can turn that struggle into a full-on emergency.

Seniors are now nearly twice as likely to rely on their local food bank on a long-term basis compared to younger adults.

Thankfully, generous people like you give neighbours like Susan peace of mind, knowing they have somewhere to turn when they need support.

Your support goes beyond healthy food. Often, seniors facing hunger live alone. Many live with mobility issues or other challenges that leave them feeling isolated and lonely.

“You do a very good job helping people out. And it’s so important. Look at the lineup of people! Yeah, it really makes a difference.”

*Name has been changed

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Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!