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Nourishing News | Winter 2022 – You got fresh food to the families who needed it most

By Jenna Cura
January 24, 2022
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woman sorting peppers

Thanks to you, the inaugural season of The Mississauga Food Bank Community Market was a huge success! You put fresh fruit and vegetables into the hands of neighbours who would otherwise go without.

This past fall, you made something special happen at Elmcreek Park in Malton.

With your support, the Community Market was launched, bringing free, fresh fruit and vegetables to neighbours who might otherwise go without.

Malton is one of five “high priority” neighbourhoods that we’ve identified in Mississauga where households face huge obstacles to accessing fresh food, whether it be from low-income, lack of transportation, or grocery stores that are few and far between.

“We meet neighbours where they are—in their community,” says Heather McLean, Programs Manager.

Over the fall, the Market served over 250 families every week, providing more than 1,000 adults and children with access to fresh, culturally appropriate food.

“Getting to know many of the clients by name, hearing about their families and their lives, whether it be struggles or joy—was so meaningful,” says Heather.

The Market became a gathering place, filled with laughter, stories, and neighbours exchanging recipes. “School children would come by on their way home from school and take food home for their Mom to cook. One client would serenade us with gospel hymns. It was just an amazing experience.”

“You make programs like like this possible.”

Heather credits the Market’s success to the Food Bank’s incredible donors, volunteers, and community partners.

“You make innovative programs like this possible. We couldn’t do it without you!”

In the year ahead, the team hopes to bring the Community Market to all five high priority neighbourhoods across Mississauga. Heather knows that people like you will be there to make this vision a reality. Thank you for ensuring neighbours get the fresh food they deserve, no matter where they live or their circumstances.

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