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Double your impact this Ramadan

By Daisy Yiu
February 14, 2024
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As our Muslim community embarks on the holy month of Ramadan, we invite you to come together to support your neighbours living with food insecurity through our Give 30 campaign.

Thanks to our sponsor, Habib Canadian Bank, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, to DOUBLE your impact!

Give 30 encourages everyone, regardless of faith, to show empathy for those who face food insecurity by donating to local food banks. If you’re fasting during the month of Ramadan, consider making a gift from the money saved by abstaining from food or drink during daylight hours to feed your neighbours in need. Give 30 also encourages those who do not partake in Ramadan to make a gift as well. Instead of fasting, it could be money saved by eating lunch or making coffee at home rather than dining out.

Ensure your neighbours in need have access to healthy and appropriate food this Ramadan and make a gift today.

Your donation MATCHED

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!