$1 = food for 2 meals

This Ramadan, let us unite in the spirit of compassion, dignity, and common humanity. Make a gift today to the Give 30 campaign, and your donation will be matched by Habib Canadian Bank to provide food for twice as many meals!

Sponsored and matched by Habib Canadian Bank:

Get Involved

There are more ways for you to make a gift this Ramadan.

  • Host a Virtual Food Drive

    Register now and join our team of Hunger Warriors by creating your very own personalized fundraising campaign! Set your own fundraising goal, share it with your friends, family and coworkers, and give back in a meaningful way this Ramadan.

  • Unite under the One Mosque Initiative!

    Come together and support the Give 30 campaign through the One Mosque Initiative. This initiative unites the Muslim community in a collective effort to support Food Banks Mississauga, fostering unity and compassion. Through this initiative, every contribution will become a vital part of a larger, impactful effort to alleviate food insecurity in Mississauga. Download our form and make your pledge today!

  • Join us at local grocery stores!

    Our team of volunteers will be at select grocery stores on March 16, 23 and 30 to collect monetary donations and our most needed food and personal care items. More details to come!

  • Host an In-Person Food Drive

    This Ramadan, give fresh food and hope to your neighbours facing food insecurity by organizing a food drive to collect our urgently and most needed items! It’s a great way to show your gratitude with your loved ones, neighbours, co-workers, and school or classroom! While we can do the most with your monetary donations and make every dollar stretch, we happily welcome your donations of shelf-stable food and personal care products.

    You can drop off donations at our warehouse (4544 Eastgate Parkway) or at any local Mississauga fire station. If you haven’t registered your food drive, please make sure to fill out this form and bring it with you when you drop off donations at our warehouse!

    **Please note, fire stations #102 and #108 are closed for renovation. Do not drop off donations there.**

  • What is Give 30?

    Give 30 encourages everyone, regardless of faith, to show empathy for those who face food insecurity by donating to local food banks. If you’re fasting during the month of Ramadan, consider making a gift from the money saved by abstaining from food or drink during daylight hours to feed your neighbours in need. Give 30 also encourages those who do not partake in Ramadan to make a gift as well. Instead of fasting, it could be money saved by eating lunch or making coffee at home rather than dining out.

    Visit Give30.ca to find out more.