Asian & South Asian Heritage Month
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An Interview with Jannies Le, Executive Director of Armagh

By Jenna Cura
May 9, 2023
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During Asian and South Asian Heritage Month, we are sharing the stories of Asian leaders in our community, team members, and Asian and South Asian-led organizations that we at The Mississauga Food Bank are proud to work with.

Today, we introduce you to Jannies Le, the Executive Director at Armagh, one of our 50+ agency partners.


What is Armagh, and how is it impacting the community of Mississauga?

Armagh is a 9 unit-transitional second stage housing facility for women and children fleeing violence. We offer safe and affordable housing for an extended period of time. During which we provide counselling and legal, housing, life skill and parenting support for the clients. We also run life transforming program for the families including art therapy, re-education programs and independent living workshops. We offer one year of post program follow up to continue support successful independent living.

As Executive Director, what are you responsible for at Armagh?

As the Executive Director, I am responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors. I work closely with an amazing and passionate team of front line, housing, development staff and leaders to help deliver Armagh’s mission and services.

What inspired you to get into this work? 

As a survivor of violence this work aligned with my healing and passion to help build a world free of violence.  

Can you tell us about a program, service, or achievement that you are most proud of at Armagh?

Armagh is currently undergoing a 10 unit expansion on our current site, with 2 first in Peel accessible units for women and children fleeing violence. This has been almost a decade long dream that is finally being realized. The pandemic has seen our service users and applicants soar in numbers and needs. We look forward to welcoming 10 new families this year as we complete this space.

Why do you think it’s important for our community to work with and support Asian & South Asian leaders and Asian-led organizations? How can the community better support your efforts?

It’s important to see a reflection in leadership of the populations we serve. The understanding and collaboration will only strengthen the supports and services provided.

Is there anything you want potential clients to know if they haven’t used your services/resources before?

Armagh is a referral based program, we accept families through community agencies.

Why is it important for Armagh to be able to provide not only healthy food but culturally appropriate too?

It’s a respect to individuals who come through our doors and call Armagh home. At home you get to chose the food that fills your soul and that’s an important part of healing. This is why we believe it is important that food is nourishing and culturally appropriate.  

Anything else you want to share?

Armagh needs the community to help support the completion of our expansion. Visit us on social media or our website to find out more.

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Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!