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Nourishing News | Spring 2023 – Camila’s story

By Jenna Cura
May 9, 2023
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When Camila found out a new grandson was on the way, she was overjoyed. But she also worried about providing for her growing family. Your support meant we were there for Camila, so she could be there for her family.

“I have 7 grandkids — 3 girls and 4 boys. And I’m going to get another boy in September,” Camila smiles, her voice filled with pride and love.

Camila’s family is the centre of her world. She puts everything she has into caring for her kids and grandchildren — and a big part of that is serving healthy, nourishing meals prepared with a lot of love.

“Feeding everyone is more expensive right now.”

Recently, she took in two of her sons and one of her young grandsons when they were struggling. Overnight, she had three more people under her roof and three more plates on the table. They simply couldn’t keep up with the grocery bill on their limited income.

There is a rapidly growing number of families across our city like Camila’s. Hard work neighbours who, despite having employment, are struggling to afford basic necessities like healthy food and rent because of increasing prices.

Camila couldn’t bear the thought of her family not having the nutritious food they deserved. Thankfully, a friend told her about their local food bank.

You give a lifeline to families like Camila’s

“They are always so friendly here. Always welcoming — always. It saves me a lot, especially with the price of food going up, and gas, and rent.”

Your support is especially important for Camila as she searches for a new home for her growing family.

“Soon I have to move. And saving that money, even if it’s $50 a month that I don’t have to spend at the grocery store — I can put it towards moving into a new place.”

Knowing the food bank is there is such a relief for the family. Because of your support, Camila knows her grandkids will always have the nourishment they need to thrive.

Rent or food, a difficult choice for many hungry neighbours

Camila would like you to know how much of a difference you make in the lives of families like hers.

“It makes a big difference,” she shares. “Because a lot of people, once they pay their rent, they can’t afford to buy food. You shouldn’t have to choose between paying your rent and buying food.”

“It really helped me and my family a lot!”

THANK YOU for being there for Camila so she can be there for her family.

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