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Nourishing News | Winter 2023 – Veronica’s story

By Jenna Cura
January 31, 2023
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You are giving a lifeline to seniors like Veronica.

Seniors shouldn’t have to choose between paying for prescriptions, the heating bill, or groceries for the week. Yet tragically, 1 in 11 food bank users in Canada is a senior, and that number continues to grow. Thankfully, Veronica and other seniors in Mississauga have neighbours like you on their side!

“Like everybody else, I’d never needed a food bank before. I’d never asked for help,” Veronica shares, reflecting on the moment she first faced the threat of hunger.

She’d found herself out of work six months before her pension was due to begin. In urgent need of an income to keep food on the table, she looked everywhere for a job.

“I would show up for interviews, and they would say, ‘Oh, we’re full, we don’t need anyone anymore.’ It was hard. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d face age discrimination.”

Veronica’s story is one of many. Tragically, seniors have become the fastest-growing group of food bank users in Canada. Many live alone, face health and mobility issues, and rely on an extremely limited income—making access to healthy food difficult. Thankfully, supporters like you connect seniors like Veronica to the healthy food they need.

“I was really shocked”

Veronica didn’t expect the warm, unconditional support she found when she first came through the doors of her local food bank.

“At first, I was ashamed. But they don’t judge people here. The staff are always very nice,” she shares. “I was really shocked at how much stuff you could get. I could even get dog food.”

For seniors like Veronica, your generosity means access to a nutritious, balanced diet that would otherwise be out of reach—a key ingredient to staying happy, healthy, and active as they age.

Food is just the start

“This isn’t just a place to get food,” she adds.

“For some people, it’s also a social thing. People get to meet each other, and sometimes they have a lot in common. Maybe they’re in similar situations.”

Hundreds of seniors like Veronica find much-needed support and connection at their local food banks, helping them overcome loneliness and isolation.

“It’s made a massive difference”

Through a devastating pandemic and the ongoing cost of living crisis, Veronica has witnessed just how important the food bank has become to her community.

“It’s made a massive difference in the past two years,” she says.

She also has a message for those who are able to lend a helping hand. “Anyone out there who is listening…I don’t want to cry,” she says, fighting back tears. “Even if it’s ten dollars a month. Just go out and donate to a food bank. Ask what they need.”

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