Fighting Hunger Through Innovation

By Jenna Cura
February 4, 2019
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In 2016, we launched AquaGrow Farms in our warehouse—a sustainable aquaponic farm that grows fish and produce year-round.

The first of its kind at a food bank in Canada, the farm grows tilapia, lettuce, and bok choy through a system that uses nutrients produced by fish waste to fertilize the plants. We’re excited to share with you that in December we officially launched the newly expanded farm to produce even more fresh food for our neighbours!

What’s New?

This expansion added a new fish tank, two new growing beds, and a seed nursery. The farm is now capable of producing 2,500 servings of fish and 28,000 servings of greens each year—almost doubling previous capacity. Another important way this project helps combat hunger in our city is by drawing attention to our clients’ need for fresh food to maintain a healthy diet.

“The farm is drawing interest from people who didn’t know anything about the food bank before. It gives us new opportunities to talk about our hungry neighbours’ need for fresh produce and protein. Having these conversations about food insecurity is another way we work to end hunger in Mississauga,” says Meghan Nicholls, Executive Director.
Thank you for supporting innovative solutions to fight hunger in our city.

If you’d like more information on AquaGrow Farms or to set up a tour, please visit

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Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!