Free fruit & vegetables

Fresh food in your neighbourhood

Join us at our next Pop-Up Food Bank this summer!

The Pop-Up Food Bank at Malton Community Centre is closed for the season and will return this summer.
Fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, healthy snacks and more will be available.
Remember to bring your own reusuable bag!
Bringing a piece of photo ID or proof of address is encouraged.
You can still access your neighbourhood food bank to get 7+ days worth of food.
The Pop-Up Food Bank is here to provide you with additional fresh fruit and vegetables.

What’s included?

It's up to you! You choose what you need.
Fruit and vegetables
Fresh produce
Bread, rice, pasta, flour, oats and more
Granola bars, crackers and more (pending availability)
"It's a good support for those who are newcomers and those struggling with their budget issues."
Noor, Pop-Up Food Bank User


We’re here to help! Check out our FAQ for any additional questions you may have.