Food rescue

Rescuing and rehoming fresh food

How does food rescue work?

ReclaimFRESH rescues fresh and frozen edible and safe-to-eat food to redistribute to neighbours in need across the city through our network of 60+ agency members.
Our food sourcing team works with local farmers, wholesalers, producers, and grocery stores to rescue and rehome their surplus edible food.
Once this food arrives at our warehouse, our volunteers inspect and sort each piece of food.
The food is then distributed to our 60+ agency members to provide to neighbours in need across the city.
Food may become surplus for several reasons. Sometimes, there's too much of it, or it may not be "pretty enough" (e.g. misshapen/bumpy produce).
Large-scale corporate food donations is one of the most efficient ways to support us. If you are from a corporate food company, supplier or manufacturer, please reach out using the contact form further down this page.

What foods are rescued?

Depending on availability, we rescue food in most food groups.
Fruit and vegetables
Fresh produce
Bread, pastries and more
Frozen meat and more

Join Us

If you are a corporate food company, supplier or manufacturer that is looking to make a large-scale corporate food donation, please connect with our Food Sourcing team to find out how you can support the ReclaimFRESH program.

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