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Layla’s Story

By Jenna Cura
September 21, 2020
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Karlean and her teenage children sitting outside on a bench on a sunny day

Thank you from a first-time food bank user.

Layla would lie awake at night, wondering how her empty cupboards would feed her two growing kids. She has been through a lot since the pandemic began. No parent should worry about their children going to bed hungry.

Sleepless nights, watching her bank account and cupboards empty out. The heartache of two growing kids going to bed hungry. Layla’s been through a lot since the pandemic hit.

When her support worker told her about St. Hilary’s Food Pantry, she was hopeful, but nervous. She’d never used a food bank before.

Thankfully, she found the courage to walk through the doors. That courage—and the generosity of donors like you—have changed her family’s life.

Layla recalls the first time she came to St. Hilary’s. “The staff were really nice to me. They asked me what kind of food I needed, explained their work hours, and how often I could come here to pick up my food.”

Layla urges families like hers who are struggling right now to reach out and get the help they need. “I totally recommend this place,” she says. “They don’t judge anyone, and treat everybody with respect and kindness.”

Layla is so grateful to the volunteers, staff, and donors who are there for families like hers. “I love them,” she says. “People who are struggling really need to know that there is still someone who cares about them, and who is willing to help.”

You helped over 4,612 people like Layla who needed the food bank for the first time during the pandemic. Thank you for being there for them!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!