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Grace’s Story

By Joanna Winsor
September 7, 2020
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Grace's story, TMFB client

Sometimes, nutritious food is out of reach—and not just because of the cost. For people living with mobility issues, disability, or serious illness, just getting to the store can be impossible, let alone struggling with heavy grocery bags.

One year ago, the Food Bank 2 Home delivery program was launched to break down these barriers.

For the first time ever, we were able to deliver nutritious food to vulnerable neighbours’ doors—and it was all thanks to generous supporters like you.

When Food Bank 2 Home first launched, it served 42 households. Since then, the program has exploded, growing to serve 800 households during the height of COVID-19! Food Bank 2 Home has been a crucial part of our response to the pandemic. It helped us keep up with the surging hunger in our community while keeping vulnerable neighbours safe at home.

Neighbours like Grace. A single mother of three young children, Grace was able to just make ends meet. Then, the pandemic hit.

In the blink of an eye, schools were closed down, leaving Grace with nowhere to turn for child care. She was forced to leave her part-time job to stay home with her kids. Just like that, she could no longer afford a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Getting to the food bank—without a car, and with three little ones in tow—was impossible. That’s when Grace found out about Food Bank 2 Home.

She connected with The Mississauga Food Bank team. Within a few days, a smiling volunteer arrived at her doorstep with bags full of nutritious food.

For Grace and hundreds of other vulnerable neighbours, Food Bank 2 Home doesn’t just deliver food. It provides precious peace of mind.

“I really needed help. I wasn’t able to keep up with my family’s expenses; I’m a single mother and was looking for support. As a result of the pandemic, I had to stop working when childcare shut down. Being the only adult at home with my three young children made going to my local food bank impossible.

This program has changed my life. It’s been a great help and relief for my family. Now I know my children are getting the healthy and nutritious food they need.”

With help from donors and volunteers, The Mississauga Food Bank is able to help families like Grace’s.

My entire family would like to thank you for helping feed us; thank you for your donations and all the work you’re doing. This work has made such a difference in our lives and I know it’s making a difference for others in our community as well.”

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