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International Youth Day

By Jenna Cura
August 12, 2022
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International Youth Day

Happy International Youth Day!

Today, we celebrate all the young people in our community who come together to tackle global issues, like food insecurity, and take action towards a better future for all!

This year’s theme is Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a world for all ages. It means that all of us, no matter how young or old, have a part to play in creating a sustainable tomorrow.

To observe this day, we asked our summer placements how their work at The Mississauga Food Bank affects their community and how that helps create a brighter future!

Afreen Ahmed – People and Cultures Assistant

I had read about a rise in the number of food bank users since the pandemic started, and I wanted to help in any way that I could in my city. As I began volunteering, I truly admired the dedication that the staff had to ensure our neighbours receive the food they need. SinceThe Mississauga Food Bank was growing and implementing new initiatives, I knew I wanted to continue to extend my support to the team as a summer assistant.

Alexandria Nagy – Agency Relations Assistant

I chose The Mississauga Food Bank because I want to work towards a future where everyone has access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food. I hope that the results from the Client Experience Surveys will help improve the programs for the years to come and will alleviate some stress that comes with visiting a food bank.

Dea Isai – Food Bank 2 Home Assistant Coordinator

I have lived in Mississauga my whole life, and never realized the disparity of wealth and access to food in my own neighbourhood. I enjoy bettering the community I call my home. I know we have the biggest impact on the most vulnerable citizens who are homebound in Mississauga. It warms my heart to hear their voices on the phone thanking us for helping them out every month.

Elana Maria – Food Bank 2 Home Assistant Coordinator

I wanted to get invovled with a non-profit organization and use the time I had this summer to make a positive change and help others. I work with the Food Bank 2 Home program, which is a delivery service for the most vulnerable members in Mississauga. I think my work is making a difference by giving those individuals who are physically unable to visit their local food bank the ability to get food from the food bank.

Kamakshi Naidu – Data Cleanup Project Lead

The Mississauga Food Bank’s goals and values align with mine, I get to use my skills and knowledge to help the community and truly see that I am making a difference, while learning more about not only the work that I do but about the community as well. I believe my work makes a significant difference in an overall manner.

Lyara Malvar – Marketing Assistant

I always thought that food insecurity was a bigger problem in far away places, but I was astounded at how common it is here in my own community. Working at The Mississauga Food Bank has taught me the different faces that hunger takes and it has given me the opportunity to use my skills to affect change. As a marketing assistant, the work I do makes a difference in the community through increasing awareness and connecting with potential donors and volunteers. 

Nicole Harris – Marketing Assistant

Working at the food bank has given me the chance to learn about how food insecurity and poverty affects people across Mississauga, and it feels very fulfilling to know that the work I do every day goes to support those people. Through my involvement at The Mississauga Food Bank, I am able to help more people get involved in supporting those in need, to ensure that nobody in Mississauga goes hungry!

Wahi Mohamed – Agency Relations Assistant

I chose to work for The Mississauga Food Bank because I wanted to learn more about the behind the scenes of running a food bank and the logistics of delivering food to the community. My work on agency surveys helps connect directly with service users and understand what issues they may be facing to inform program developments.


Thank you to all our summer students for your commitment and dedication to supporting your community and helping us ensure everyone has access to healthy and appropriate food this summer and beyond!

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