Jon Davey, #SpotlightSunday

By Jenna Cura
February 24, 2020
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Meet Jon, The Mississauga Food Bank’s Warehouse Manager:

“I’ve been lucky enough to work at TMFB for the past 7 years. I started as the warehouse supervisor, moving to manager a couple years after that. I held the dual role of agency relations and warehouse manager for a short time, then transitioned over to agency relations manager full time. When the warehouse manager role was vacated, I transitioned back to the warehouse as that’s where the need was at that time.

Having worked in agency relations, it gives me much clearer insight into what the needs of the agencies, and in turn the clients, actually are. Understanding more about poverty and hunger in Mississauga, I have been able to apply that knowledge to areas in my role as Warehouse Manager, such as food procurement and our ReclaimFRESH food rescue program.

I love being part of a team (I was on my own in agency relations) and being able to tackle operations issues together. I always tell the team, the best idea wins, no matter who it’s from. I also like the logistical aspects of my role, solving day-to-day problems and making sure we meet (or exceed) the goals set forth for the year.

I feel my career in non-profit and, specifically, my role at the food bank is even more important now with two small children. I want them to know that giving back (time, money, etc.) is so important and can be a very fulfilling part of life. I also feel good knowing that what I do every day makes a difference, and in the end, we all want to leave a mark in this world, leaving it a little better than we found it.”

Thanks Jon, for all you do here at TMFB!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!