Jon – Spotlight Sunday

By Jenna Cura
September 29, 2019
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Meet Jon Davey, the Warehouse Manager at The Mississauga Food Bank!

“I started at TMFB almost 6 years ago. I had been working at The Compass (one of our 9 neighbourhood food banks) and when my contract was up, I applied for the Warehouse Supervisor job here (I knew most of the staff already) and was lucky enough to get it. Over the years, I worked in the agency relations department and then worked my way up to Warehouse Manager.

Being a part of the new 4 year strategic plan in 2018, and looking ahead to the future and really being able to see where we want to be in 2022 has had a real impact on me. Knowing the amount of growth we’re likely to see shows just how much need there is in the city, and with issues such as affordable housing, axing the basic income pilot, and clawing back social assistance, TMFB will need to support our hungry neighbours even more in the coming years.

When I go home at night I’m proud of the work I’ve done, and when my daughter’s old enough, I can share with her having the first hand experience and knowledge to instill the value of giving back to those in need in your community.”

Thanks Jon, for everything you do!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!