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Asian & South Asian Heritage Month | Nargis Mahmud

By Jenna Cura
May 25, 2022
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nargis ICNA Relief

During Asian and South Asian Heritage Month, we are sharing the stories of Asian leaders in our community, team members, and Asian & South Asian-led organizations that we at The Mississauga Food Bank are proud to work with.

Meet Nargis Mahmud, Project Coordinator at ICNA Relief Canada! ICNA Relief Canada is part of a global humanitarian relief and development organization to serve the needs of all fellow humans.

Nargis is a psychologist who joined ICNA Relief 15 years ago. “Here, I found an environment where I could realize my abilities to work for our community. Each project initiated by ICNA Relief inspired me, but the settlement of refugees, ensuring uninterrupted nutritious and culturally appropriate food availability for the most vulnerable of our community, organizing a variety of programs for our seniors, and providing family services to East Asian community members in their language has really inspired me to the core of my heart.”

Nargis explains why South Asian-led organizations are essential in supporting our community. “It is important for everyone to help South Asian-led organizations because they play a vital role in connecting the South Asian community to the wider community. South Asian organizations understand their community’s cultural, religious, and social sensitivities.”

Nargis also shares the importance of providing culturally appropriate food. “We provide Halal, healthy, and culturally appropriate foods to our clients. This is important as many of our clients are Muslims (who eat Halal foods) and from various ethnic backgrounds such as South and West Asian and Arabic who have specific food preferences.”

Nargis, thank you for everything you do for your community! Visit ICNA Relief Canada’s website to learn more about them!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!