Shelita – Spotlight Sunday

By Jenna Cura
September 15, 2019
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Meet Shelita, our Corporate & Community Partnership Coordinator, the newest member to our team – 

“I’ve always made it a point to only pursue roles that allow me to make a meaningful and positive difference in our community. Over the years, I’ve seen the transformational impact that food banks have had on the lives of so many children, seniors and families right here in our community. 

Whether it’s a single mom with three kids, a senior citizen, no longer able to work due to a chronic illness or disability;  or a family seeking refuge in Canada with little to no personal belongings…The fact is that hunger still exists in our city – and The Mississauga Food Bank allows individuals to access healthy and culturally appropriate food while they redirect their income to other essential expenses such as housing, rent, and utilities. 

What I am really proud of is that The Mississauga Food Bank has really changed the conversation on how we talk about hunger in our community. We are really focused on long-term impact and systemic solutions to hunger.

When I received a tour of our facility, I was surprised to see that in addition to non-perishable items, a lot of what we distribute includes fresh produce, dairy products, frozen vegetables and meat and personal hygiene items. We even distribute diapers and baby formula. Traditionally when you think about donating to a food bank, these are not always things items that come to mind, but they are very valuable donations to children, families and seniors in need! 

Take the AquaGrow Farms for example… This program allows us to raise fish and grow fresh greens like lettuce and bok choy indoors all-year-round! It’s a really great program because not only is it innovative and environmentally sustainable,  but it also helps us deliver healthy food options to our hungry neighbours. 

There are so many things that I love about working at the Mississauga Food Bank. I get to come into work each day to advance a cause that I am truly passionate about. What makes it even better is that I work alongside a team who is just as driven to feed our hungry neighbours! Each staff member and volunteer that I’ve met so far is so kind, genuine and has such a big heart. That is my favourite part about working here! 

I am so grateful to be able to devote my career to this worthy cause!”

Welcome to the team, Shelita!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!