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Volunteer Spotlight | Afreen

By Jenna Cura
June 9, 2022
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Afreen Sunday Spotlight

Today we are shining the spotlight on Afreen, one of our Volunteer Receptionists!

Afreen started volunteering at The Mississauga Food Bank in June of 2021 because it gave them a sense of belonging in our community. We’re happy to announce that in addition to being a volunteer, Afreen has joined our summer placements team as a People & Culture Assistant!

“Being the first point of contact for many of our neighbours in need, I feel good when I know that my service will help someone get access to the food they need.”

Afreen has experienced first-hand how many processes are involved in keeping The Mississauga Food Bank running smoothly.

“It made me appreciate just how many people are involved with relieving hunger in our city.”

One of their favourite parts of being a volunteer is interacting with a wide variety of people. After having limited social contact during the pandemic, Afreen shares how volunteering has helped them develop their social interaction with different people and have a more positive outlook on the future.

Afreen, thank you for everything you do here at The Mississauga Food Bank! If you would like to become a volunteer receptionist like Afreen, click here to find out how.

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