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Volunteer Spotlight | Brian

By Jenna Cura
August 7, 2022
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Today we are shining the spotlight on Brian, one of our Food Bank 2 Home Drivers! Our team of incredible and dedicated drivers like him makes our Food Bank 2 Home Delivery Program possible.

Brian has been with The Mississauga Food Bank for almost 9 months. He has been involved in positions like food sorting and packing, as well as his current driver position.

I will be the first to admit I have had a good life. And yet, as I walked the city streets, I realized that people were sitting on sidewalks, begging for their next meal or whatever. I committed to helping and would help. It feels good to give back, even in a small way. Together we can help reduce the impact of poverty.

As a volunteer driver, Brian delivers food directly to the doorsteps of our most vulnerable neighbours.

You go into something like this believing you’re doing it for a good cause. Every time I knock on a door to make a food delivery, it warms my heart to see their face saying thank you for caring. That’s what drives me. We can and are making a big difference.

Brian, thank you for your commitment and kindness to your community! Interested in being a volunteer driver? Apply today!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!