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Volunteer Spotlight | Diana

By Jenna Cura
July 25, 2022
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Diana Kulyniy-Volunteer-2022-TMFB462

Today we are shining the spotlight on Diana, one of our Youth Volunteers and Food Drive Leaders!

Diana has volunteered at The Mississauga Food Bank for almost 7 months and has contributed to several positions such as Food Sorting Volunteer and Grocery Store Blitz Volunteer Leader. These roles have allowed Diana to build confidence and leadership skills while helping our hungry neighbours in need.

“Volunteering makes me feel more confident and open to new experiences. I have struggled with anxiety in the past, and volunteering has helped me interact with many new people this year. It has also made me more confident in my leadership abilities.”

For Diana, volunteering is its own reward.

“I think that other people should volunteer at the food bank because it’s a great way to use your free time, a good way to meet new people and to become more outgoing. It’s also nice to make a difference in the community by helping those struggling to afford enough food.”

Thank you, Diana, for everything you do here at The Mississauga Food Bank.

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