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Staff Spotlight | Hazel Amodeo-Thomson

By Jenna Cura
August 28, 2022
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Today, we are shining the spotlight on our Administration Coordinator, Hazel Amodeo-Thomson!

Hazel started off as a part of our incredible volunteer team and has grown to become a full-time member of our Operations team!

I started as a volunteer and saw first-hand the organization’s impact on the community. I just feel so blessed to be part of it. Aside from being able to serve the community, it’s also the fact that I don’t feel tired of doing what I do.

To Hazel, giving is its own reward, thanks to the kindness and gratitude of our clients.

An impactful memory I have is being thanked for something as little as listening to someone on the phone. I took my time listening and rephrasing to make sure I understood everything she wanted to say. At the end of the phone call, I couldn’t believe how many times she thanked me. It touched my heart. That simple thing I did, I made someone’s day.

Hazel, thank you for everything you do here at The Mississauga Food Bank! We are so lucky to have you.

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!