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Staff Spotlight | Helena Krasilowez

By Daisy Yiu
April 16, 2023
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Meet Helena Krasilowez, our Food Bank Programs Team Lead! Helena has been on the team since last May, but she started as a student placement at The Mississauga Food Bank after the pandemic shifted where she wanted to put her time and energy.

“It became clear that I wanted my work to actively contribute to addressing immediate needs while working for greater systematic changes towards poverty reduction and food justice. In 2021 I went back to school for community work and did my student placement at The Mississauga Food Bank. I immediately felt comfortable with and motivated by those I was working alongside, volunteers and staff alike.”

Helena works with our Food Bank 2 Home Delivery Program, which has grown in leaps and bounds to keep up with the emergency need since the program launched during the pandemic. She shares what she finds most rewarding about her role.

“Getting orders delivered directly to the doors of our clients and working with a remarkable team of volunteers to make it happen. We currently deliver to 427 households totalling 682 people, and we are motivated to continue growing to meet immediate needs. I’ve had countless impactful conversations with Food Bank 2 Home clients. Every conversation expands my perspective and motivates me to continue learning how I can best advocate for poverty reduction and food justice on a systemic level.”

Speaking to clients regularly, Helena knows how YOUR support impacts the daily lives of neighbours in need and wants to share her appreciation for our dedicated supporters.

“Your monetary donations allow us to operate Food Bank 2 Home in a client-centred way, focused on their dignity and choice. Our program is 99% volunteer run, so the donation of your time is also a tremendous gift.”

Thank you, Helena, for your dedication to the work we do and our community!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!