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Virat Mahajan Volunteer Spotlight

By Jenna Cura
March 2, 2023
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Today we are shining the spotlight on Virat Mahajan, Grocery Store Fundraising Lead Volunteer!

Virat started volunteering with us in October 2021 when he heard about The Mississauga Food Bank through his co-workers.

“They inspired me to join and be a part of this amazing place and gain the main organizational values of community, collaboration, excellence, and integrity. I can apply those values in the community today!”

He also appreciates the flexibility of volunteering, with different shifts that can fit his schedule.

“The Mississauga Food Bank is the only organization that can work my volunteer shifts around my job schedule and not let that get affected. The management is excellent and fast in communication.”

Volunteering at The Mississauga Food Bank has been life-changing for Virat.

“This experience has been eye-opening, as I saw how they encourage inclusivity and diversity within the community. I’ve learned so many new things here.
I know that I’m making an impact in the community as I believe that no matter how small our steps are, we all have the potential to make a big difference.”

Virat, thank you for everything you do for your community!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!