Staff Spotlight | Julie Farenyuk

By Jenna Cura
February 5, 2024
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For today’s Spotlight, we want you to meet our Development Coordinator, Julie Farenyuk!

Julie has been a part of the Development team since March 2020. Her role includes working closely with fundraisers, organizers of food drives, and event coordinators. She supports donors in establishing their Peer-to-Peer fundraising pages through our Hunger Warriors program and oversees the Corporate Volunteering Program.

Julie was inspired to work at Food Banks Mississauga because she wanted a position where she could make a positive impact in her community. Her favourite thing about being a part of the team is that “everyone here is united by the same mission – to alleviate food insecurity.”

We asked Julie to tell us about something impactful that she experienced during her time thus far at Food Banks Mississauga:

“One day when walking through the warehouse, a sizeable delivery of peppers and cucumbers had just arrived. Their vibrant, fresh colours caught my eye right away! It can be very challenging to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables through traditional food drives and donation bins, so it’s always amazing to see the healthy and fresh foods the procurement team is able to acquire thanks to generous financial donations from the community.”

Julie continued to share that “with our purchasing power, we are able to stretch every dollar to obtain a greater quantity of nutritious food. The knowledge that we can distribute these healthy options throughout Mississauga fills me with joy.

As Julie works with groups looking to make a difference in their community through Food Banks Mississauga, she encourages them to consider fundraising or making a monetary donation.

“We can directly utilize the funds to procure fresh and nourishing food. Many of the items in high demand by clients across Mississauga fall into the category of fresh food, which cannot be easily collected through traditional food drives. These include dairy and meat, which currently account for 55% of our purchased food supplies. We have developed with local companies, farmers, and wholesalers, in order to increase our purchasing power. By leveraging our resources and extensive network, we can make your dollars stretch!”

When asked what the most rewarding part of her job is, Julie shared the same sentiment as many of our volunteers, donors, and team members at Food Banks Mississauga:

“The knowledge that I am playing a vital role in fighting hunger and contributing to my community’s well-being is a deeply gratifying experience.”

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