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Volunteer Spotlight, Daisy

By Jenna Cura
October 15, 2020
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Meet Daisy, Food Bank 2 Home Volunteer

“I first learned of The Mississauga Food Bank at my previous job when we organized a company-wide Thanksgiving food drive. Our office was based in Mississauga, so we decided that TMFB was the best organization for us to maximize our impact in the community.

I began volunteering at TMFB in October, 2019. I started out as a food sorter and now I’m a food packer for the Food Bank 2 Home delivery program. TMFB does a lot to help feed our hungry neighbours and I’m happy to do my part as a volunteer. Volunteering is incredibly rewarding.

I love knowing that the food that I’m sorting or the packages I’m preparing are going directly to members of our community who are in need. I leave every shift knowing that my fellow volunteers and I have made a difference in people’s lives. I encourage people to get out in the community, learn about local charities and help your neighbours in any way you can.

I love that TMFB has different programs to serve the community. Prior to volunteering, I didn’t know that there was a Food Bank 2 Home program or that food was sorted into packages to be sent to local food banks in Mississauga. TMFB’s system of distributing food to its agencies and directly to our hungry neighbours really maximizes the impact of people’s donations.

If you’re looking to volunteer in the community, there are many different ways to get involved at The Mississauga Food Bank. It’s amazing to see firsthand how donations are used and distributed to our community.”

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