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Nourishing News | Spring 2024 – Program Spotlight

By Jenna Cura
May 14, 2024
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Food isn’t the only way you support our agency members.

You’re helping them build capacity and grow their services to best meet the needs of the people they serve.


When you picture the difference you’re making, what do you see? Shelves full of food and nutritious meals on families’ tables? That’s certainly a big part of it—but your support also goes much further.

Thanks to the Capacity Building Fund — made possible by generous people like you — our agency network is getting much-needed support to upgrade their equipment, infrastructure, and services.

Improving service delivery

Launched in 2022, the Fund helps our agency members address gaps in their programs and service delivery, so they can meet the growing needs of the people who rely on them, helping them purchase equipment that would otherwise be out of reach, including:

  • Fridges and freezers, allowing them to offer more fresh food to neighbours in need.
  • Shelving and storage solutions, enabling them to store more food in a way that promotes choice, dignity, and independence.
  • Computers to help agencies manage their services, capture details about the people they serve, and better understand food insecurity in our city.

“The impact has been tremendous”

In 2023, the New Life Covenant Pantry Community Food Bank benefited from the Fund, investing in two upright freezers, shelving racks, storage bins, tables, and a laptop.

“The impact has been tremendous,” they shared. “The funds have allowed our team to pre-plan, pre-purchase, receive, and preserve more perishable donations. More and more people are accessing our services, and we’ve seen an increase in emergency food requests. This has allowed us to stack grab-and-go non-perishables for people to choose from.”

The Deacon’s Cupboard at St. Peter’s Church Erindale used their Capacity Building Fund grant to install new shelving to better store and display the foods they offer.

“The new shelving units have had a big impact. They allow us to better display our meats, poultry, and dairy, and offer a separate halal section. The room is much more pleasing and tidier, and I’m sure our guests have a much better shopping experience.”

This year, more of our agency members will be benefiting from the opportunity to grow their capacity. We’re excited to be partnering with The Community Foundation of Mississauga in 2024 to make the application and funding process faster and easier, getting funds quickly and efficiently where they’re needed most.

Thank you for helping our network be the best it can be for everyone who needs them during this time of record-high need!

Provide food support to your neighbours through our network of 65+ agency members!

Your donations mean we can provide our agency members with more than just food and personal care items, but also support and funding to help them better serve your neighbours facing food insecurity. Donate today!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!